Battery Conditioning: A Revolutionary Technology.

Most of hybrid & electric vehicles at some point will experience battery deterioration. It is normal and natural process, like brake or tire wear. Deterioration will influence power, gas mileage and overall performance of your hybrid or EV. When battery state is critical, vehicle will experience all kinds of warning lights on the dashboard and in some cases it may not be driveable at all. Our patented technology exclusive to The Hybrid Shop can restore your battery to over 95% of its original performance.

Why Hanover Park Hybrid – The Hybrid Shop?

If you took your vehicle to the dealership with these symptoms, only solution offered by the dealer is to replace the battery. Average cost of $4,000 up to $10,000 for hybrid vehicles and up to $35,000 for Electric Vehicle this is a significant investment that in some cases, essentially eliminates the reason for having a Hybrid or EV in the first place. With The Hybrid Shop’s battery conditioning and overhaul technology we can save up to 70% of battery replacement value which means a difference of thousands of dollars.

Battery Conditioning and Overhaul at Hanover Park Hybrid – The Hybrid Shop will save our environment.

Many consumers bought a hybrid vehicle in the first place because they wanted to have a positive impact on the environment. Sadly, many of today’s replaced (old) hybrid batteries are simply getting thrown away into our landfills, something that simply must stop if we’re truly going to make a difference as to where this world is headed. By conditioning or overhauling your battery, you’ll not only be saving significant money, but you’ll also be eliminating this toxic waste that is plaguing our industry.

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